Editor’s Corner: Career Services shape seniors for life

Friday, May 17, 2013 — it means something different to everyone. It could mean a beloved birthday, anniversary or simply the first Friday of summer break. Yet to a select group of Rider students, it means waltzing down the aisle and onto the stage set up on the campus green and finally receiving that very costly piece of paper: a diploma.
Being a senior in college in your final semester can be both relieving and daunting. Working so hard for four years and finally being able to cross the finish line with a degree in your hand is possibly the biggest accomplishment to date. Once it’s time to say goodbye to campus life for good and dive into the working world, will we feel overwhelmed and unprepared?
In an effort to send us off with the confidence and tools we need to be submerged into the job market, Career Adviser Lauren Nicolosi and the rest of Career Services are providing future graduates with a Senior Workshop Series that kicked off Feb. 7 with a graduate school workshop.
Future seminars will be held, for the most part, every Thursday in the Science building at 11:30 a.m. Each session will focus on a certain skill, tool or helpful tip to equip seniors better for the Career Fair on March 28 and for life beyond college. Some topics that will be covered are: How your résumé can pass the “10 second” test, how to make yourself stand out with cover letters, how to navigate a career fair and how to prepare for an interview.
Attending these workshops could create networking opportunities with employers, seal the deal for a job after graduation or simply make your résumé, cover letter and game plan that much stronger. It’s important to take hold of the plentiful opportunities Career Services has to offer us now because we won’t always have a support system like this in our back pocket.
With Rider faculty and staff as an endless supply of resources, we should take in as much about the professional world as we possibly can. As students who have worked so hard to get to this point in our education, we shouldn’t quit now — there is still so much more we can do to better ourselves, our education and to set up a solid foundation for a future outside of Rider.
Graduation day can be bittersweet for some, but there’s no reason any of us should feel unprepared or scared. We have 98 days left. Let’s make them all count.
-Kristy Grinere
Opinion Editor

Printed in the 2/8/13 edition.

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