Editors’ Corner: Roommates speak out on experiences with noisy neighbors

Is your building magically transformed into Kat Man Du at 2 p.m. every day? Do you often wake up to Miley Cyrus blasting from the room above you? Ever fall asleep to the sounds of someone puking his or her brains out after a long night of underage drinking? You’re not alone.

As seniors and roommates for the last four years, we have experienced all of this, including many a sleepless night and lost days of studying and quiet. To put it simply, the rowdy shenanigans of our fellow residents have caused us much frustration (we’re talking to you, Kroner C3rd floor 2009-10).

We’ll admit we’re not typical college kids. We don’t stay up until 3 a.m. on Tuesday nights drinking beer and watching bad TV. We actually get up early and go to work and class like responsible adults. We want to get the most out of our time here because we are going to have $150,000 worth of loans to pay back. We care about our futures and we expect the people in our residence halls to show some respect towards the people who live around them.

Don’t get us wrong — we like (and know how) to have a good time, but we don’t do so at the expense of other residents. We understand that people want to study, sleep, or could be sick at any given time. We don’t make a habit out of blaring our music at ungodly hours of the night and screaming at one another.  We would hope that others would bestow the same kind of courtesy.

For example, one night after two hours of tossing and turning, we set out on an epic quest to find an RA. On our journey, we ran into another female resident, who told us that the boys were, in fact, roller-skating in the room above us. Infuriated, we continued to search high and low for an RA. Defeated, we retreated back to our room, another restless night ahead of us.

Freshman year, we were woken up around 5 a.m. to shouting and crying in the next room. Rumor has it that the girls in there were taken into custody for allegedly throwing beer on a cop. This is a big deal, sure, but your neighbors don’t want to hear about it. Sorry, no one cares. Although we don’t know them personally and we’re sure they’re perfectly lovely people, all we want to do at 5 a.m. is sleep.

In order to avoid these situations, turn down your 50 Cent and OneRepublic music. While those artists may make good music, people don’t want to hear it in the middle of the night. Honor quiet hours and respect the fact that your neighbors may have an early class the next morning. If you want to make noise, go to the Diner, SRC or somewhere else where your outside voice is appreciated.

If you are a victim of unfortunate neighbors like we have been in the past, help is available, though they’re not foolproof solutions. First, politely ask your neighbors to quiet down. Do not scream at them. This is ineffective. Instead, go find an RA (if you can, because they tend to vanish whenever you need them).

While we understand that you have the right to live as you please at college, guess what? So does everyone else. If you wouldn’t do something at home, don’t do it here. People don’t want to have to narc you out. Don’t give them a reason to. Instead, try to coexist peacefully.

– Helen Mannion and Kaitlin MacRae

Senior journalism majors

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