Editorial: Students need updates on strike

On Saturday, the news we had all been waiting to hear had arrived: The administration and the American Association of University Professors had reached a tentative contract agreement.

Throughout the 4-month period of back and forth debates between the administration and the union, which represents the faculty, coaches and librarians, the student body was kept in the dark about most of the details of what was going on. Many students were informed about the issues that were being dealt with through the news articles and what they heard from professors, yet the student body as a whole had no idea how it would be affected in the event of a strike.

Students should have been informed about the consequences of the possible strike before it was resolved. Changes to the routine of school and its services, such as whether campus would remain open, if the dining halls would still be serving or if the student body would be allowed to stay on campus, were all major concerns that would have affected all of us.

Students also should have been told how many days we could have lost in a strike before it would impact winter break. The administration should have filled us in on what arrangements would have to be made in the event of a strike. Knowing what to expect before the tentative contract was agreed upon could have helped students prepare for the different outcomes.

The possibility of a strike is still on the table until the details of the negotiation are finalized. With serious events such as this, information that will affect the whole campus should be shared not only with the faculty but also with the people who make up the school — the students.


This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Assistant Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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