Editorial: Students’ health should surpass all

The numerous updates pertaining to the spreading norovirus have consumed our thoughts and our inboxes since the outbreak occurred.

All the emails and Rider alerts kept us in the know, yet they weren’t always helpful and most students don’t agree with the administration’s decision to keep classes in session.

Since the virus outbreak last week, students and faculty have been receiving emails containing the most updated information possible. While the decision to keep Student Health Services open 24-hours was beneficial, the decision made to allow classes  and events to continue was met with controversy.

According to the email sent by University Communications, health officials supported Rider’s decision not to cancel classes after the outbreak. However, the emails sent and the updates on the Rider website from Friday, Feb. 10 through Wednesday, Feb. 15, reported 39 additional norovirus cases on campus.

Though the number of incidents had declined since the initial outbreak, both students and faculty were still getting sick. It seems as though the declaration by the administration to keep classes going most likely contributed to the further spreading of the norovirus.

Having class for two days was not worth the added illnesses, and because of the risk, many students didn’t attend classes.             Although we are continuing to receive many updates on the norovirus, the information seems to be redundant. With each email comes the number of students affected since the information in previous email we received, how the University is still holding classes and ways to prevent becoming sick. These emails don’t really count as updates nor are they very helpful to students. They’re just becoming more of an annoyance.

As students and campus residents, we spend all of our time around campus every day. We need backing from the administration in order to obtain a supportive and healthy educational environment. Without these things, Rider is putting our health on the line.

This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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  1. I’m a Rider alumnus and I’m shocked classes weren’t canceled because of the norovirus outbreak. When I was a student there, I can remember multiple times when classes were canceled because of snowstorms and bad roads. I don’t blame the students for not attending class.

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