Editorial: School spirit event recalls an old name

Some students may remember back in August when Alumni Gym was flooded as a result of constant rain. Because of the damage to the floor, all major activities scheduled to be held in the gym were put on the back burner, including Midnight MAACness, our conference’s version of a nationwide event held at midnight on the first day NCAA basketball teams can begin practicing. But now that the repairs in the gym have been completed, a replacement event has been announced.

The original date of MAACness, Oct. 16, was pushed back, and students believed that the annual celebration they had been eagerly anticipating might never happen. But Rider has come up with something to take the spot of MAACness, at least for this year.

On Dec. 4, Cranberry and White Night will be held so students can support the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Not everyone knows this, but MAACness used to be called Cranberry and White Night. So really, MAACness will still be held, just under the old name, and on a new night. This night will still be a huge pep rally for the whole school to enjoy, and some students can get either a cranberry or white T-shirt.

In the past, students had to wait hours to get into the doors of the gym, and often could not eat. Well, this year, since it isn’t MAACness, there will be a Bronc Buffet during the night, so students can have something to eat while still showing their school spirit.

Instead of kicking off the basketball season and allowing members of both teams to display their skills for the whole school, Cranberry and White Night will occur just two nights before the first home conference game for the men’s team, against Marist.

Rider will just have to make sure that students know what exactly Cranberry and White Night is. The title is a little vague, and students who don’t know that MAACness used to be called Cranberry and White Night might be confused. Even though some students already know what is happening, some may not know that the night is something that students should attend in order to support two strong Rider sports programs.

But the question is, will students still show their support? MAACness is something that has been happening every year since 1997. People have been attending it with high hopes for the upcoming season, eager to see the players, new and old. But the new event will occur after a number of games have already been played. The men face a particularly challenging schedule against nationally ranked teams, right at the start. Hopefully, fingers crossed, the basketball teams will be doing well, and students will be excited to attend.

Praise is in order for Rider, for its quick thinking and turning a negative situation into a positive one. The school could have just stopped and said that if the gym wasn’t going to be ready on Oct. 16, then it just wouldn’t work. But we adapted, and now students have something to look forward to to kick off the basketball season.

Students should plan on attending Cranberry and White Night to help the teams and build spirit. We should show our support for our teams, and the night is sure to be a good time.

This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News editorial board and is written by the Opinion Editor, Angelique Lee.

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