Editorial: School’s not out for ‘white-out’

If you take the start of the Rider basketball season and throw in the added excitement of live television, Bronc basketball games become something that everyone in the Rider community wants to be a part of.

On Tuesday, the men’s basketball team will have a home game against Drexel University that will be televised as part of ESPN’s fourth annual 24-hour “College Hoops marathon.” The only catch? The game starts at 6 a.m. The average Rider basketball game runs about two hours long; however, because the game will be televised, there will be frequent “TV time outs” that may significantly lengthen the game, causing students to be late to 8 a.m. classes.

Students should have every opportunity to attend as many games as possible. Yet, the administration doesn’t see students being at the game as big a priority as going to morning classes. An email sent to students said, “Students are still expected to attend his or her 8 a.m. classes, despite the length of the game.”

According to MyInfo on Rider’s website, there are 46 8 a.m. classes between the Lawrenceville and Westminster campuses this semester, meaning students will have to miss the game, attend the game and be late for class, or cut class altogether.

While academics are the main goal for a university, what is a college without students being able to show school pride?

Students feel proud to be a part of the Rider community, and by having as many fans there as possible, it will create an exciting atmosphere for the Broncs to play in while providing national exposure for the university.

If Rider professors were to cancel morning classes for game day, more students would be able to attend and encourage their team. If classes remain scheduled as usual, students may end up skipping classes to attend the game anyway.

By canceling morning classes for students on this special game day, the Rider student body could get a real sense of community and fun. If campus-wide involvement and representation is what Rider is striving for, the administration should allow students the opportunity to do so, and the 6 o’clock morning game is a great way to start.

This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. The editorial was written by the Assistant Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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