Editorial: SAT optional? (A) sure (B) of course (C) why not?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is something that high school students spend most of their school careers preparing for. The test can really make or break a student.
Recently, the University Academic Policy Committee, (UAPC) All-Faculty Forum started to discuss the possibility of Rider adopting a policy that would make submitting SAT scores optional when applying to the university. So far, about 850 schools have implemented this policy, including certain programs at The College of New Jersey, Marist and Wagner.
Currently, a decision has not been officially made on the matter, and a UAPC subcommittee has been meeting to come to a conclusion. If the policy does go into effect, high school senior applicants will have more weight placed on their GPAs if they choose not to submit SAT scores.
Many students would benefit from this new policy if Rider chooses to adopt it. Some who have excellent GPAs and work very hard in school often perform poorly on the SAT because of bad test-taking skills. Therefore, by making SAT scores optional, applicants have a fairer chance of being admitted to the colleges of their choice.
It would take some pressure off students and would allow them to apply to colleges without worrying about some score on a test that doesn’t show everything they can actually do.
The policy for optional SAT scores is definitely a breakthrough for college applications. Even though Rider is only looking at the options, many prospective students would benefit from the change.

The weekly editorial expresses the
majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by Assistant Opinion Editor Danielle Gittleman

Printed in the 3/29/13 edition.

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