Editorial: Rider students serve up patience for dining changes

With last year’s big dining renovation plans being put into action, Rider students had to temporarily table their appetites after the fall opening in anticipation of all new dining facilities.
Since Daly’s is having a complete makeover and Cranberry’s is receiving new add-ons, such as a Subway and Andrew J’s convenience store, it seemed obvious that the project would take a long time to finish. Yet, considering it was under construction since classes ended last spring, students expected it to be completed by the time they moved in this semester.
By the time freshman move-in day rolled around on Sunday, Daly’s was still not open, but students were treated to barbecues for lunch and dinner and allowed to eat in some parts of the dining hall.
Although upperclassmen, who moved in on Monday, were allowed to eat in Daly’s that night, the facility still wasn’t ready for its full usage and just opened to provide a meal to the students.
Residents who moved into Rider before the set move-in day, whether it was for sports or campus jobs, had to eat in the make-shift dining hall in the Cavalla room in the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) while construction was being done.
The wait may pay off in the end, but the initial impression of Daly’s to new students, their parents and the expecting upperclassmen was certainly not the best one. It could have been avoided if more of an effort was made to stick to the move-in day deadline.
Monday was the first day that meal plans started up, meaning swipes and Bronc Bucks could be used, however not everything was fully ready and open.
Though the project seems to be taking an extensively long time to finish, the extra length may be well worth it with all the new things that Daly’s will offer. Dean of Students Anthony Campbell described the redone facility as a “destination restaurant” with stations representing various types of food made to order in front of you. There will also be brand-new seating and more of it, from high top tables to family-style booths, to serve more students.
Along with Daly’s changes, Cranberry’s new additions, Subway and Andrew J’s, will be open for students Thursday, Sept. 13, as a part of Cranberry Fest celebrations. In an effort to have more seating in Daly’s, the Bronc Diner was removed and instead Cranberry’s, with its close proximity to the Pub, will be open late night.
Having a better plan of action to ensure timeliness in completing the renovations would have benefitted students living on campus. However, students are sure to be surprised by the new look and taste Daly’s has to offer.
With anticipations high for all the changes and stomachs craving higher-quality cuisine, hopefully the revamped dining facilities can meet students’ expectations for the new school year.

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