Editorial: Realizing students’ real love for Rider

As college students and young adults growing up in a society where voicing our opinions and creating constructive change is celebrated, it’s not hard to see why we may not be the easiest crowd to please. Whether it’s on Twitter and Facebook or while we’re waiting in line at Daly’s, we can be found — despite any success of our sport teams, graduates or university as a whole — griping about something “Rider” did to upset or annoy us. I’ve seen the sarcastically written “Thanks, Rider” status appear on my news feed more times than I can count.
Despite these complaints, we all made the decision to come to Rider. Whether it was for the academic programs, a Division I sports team or maybe the small-school atmosphere, there was a reason our pros for choosing Rider outweighed the cons.
As student journalists, we’re known for shedding light on the flaws of our university. In the recent past, we’ve written articles that questioned Rider’s security when attempted luring cases were documented on campus; hush-hush budget cuts that have affected student course options; the registration and housing processes; the lack of variety in fall concert selections and little things, like how the smell of Daly’s seems to linger on clothing for hours. We proudly stand behind these stories because if enough students think something is wrong, it needs to gain attention so that something is done about it, and that’s where we come in as editors of The Rider News.
However, for all the things we find to complain about, so many things about Rider are right. Our story “Why we love Rider” is a tribute to that, a nod to aspects of our campus that make us glad to be a part of this community and that make us smile, like the thrill of snagging a spot in Kroner Lot, the exciting, intense atmosphere that can be found at the club ice hockey games and the friendly “Hello, hun!” we’ve all received from Miss Ann or Maria. Little things like that keep us coming back semester after semester; they’re what make us Broncs.
Above all, we as students should be thankful that we’re receiving a college education at a school where you aren’t just a number, where the opportunities for on- and off-campus leadership positions and networking are easily found. We attend college in an ideal location for potential jobs and internships at a school where — whether it’s always apparent or not — the administration, faculty and staff truly care about every student. Rider works hard to create an environment that allows its students to excel in and out of the classroom. And so, Rider, we complain about you, we criticize you and we love you.

The weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by News Editor Katie Zeck.

Printed in the 2/8/13 edition.

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