Editorial: Potential bond to enhance colleges

The month of November marks many important things: the climax of autumn, Thanksgiving Day and, of course, Election Day. While this election season is especially crucial with the presidential election in our hands, there are other vital issues that require the voice of the voters to be heard, such as the state bond issue for higher education in New Jersey.
According to the New Jersey Real Time News article, “State to ask N.J. voters to bond $750M for college capital projects, sources say,” the state Senate is trying to pass a $750 million bond referendum for improvements to and expansion of the state’s public and private colleges and universities. It previously succeeded in the referendum and will be put on the ballot.
Though this issue, compared to the decision of who is to run our country for the next four years, sits in the shadows of the election, it is still important for us, as students, to go out and vote toward getting the bond passed. Our educational institutions rely on it.
Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr. stated in the article that the bond would “help create world-class research and academic facilities in the long term.”
Since 45 schools throughout the state would be receiving a piece of the lump sum, the amount that private schools, such as Rider, would receive is $52.5 million, meaning we would receive a portion of that. Public institutions, such as Rutgers University, would be given $300 million. Although the money we would obtain compared with public schools seems a lot lower, the bond would still be a significant help to Rider and could spark development for a better educational environment and facilities than we have now.
Voting on this bond, whether for it or against it, will affect all college students in the state, making it quite essential that all students vote since this is a matter that will directly impact us and our education.
We are the voice of the future and taking part in the presidential election is our duty; the outcome could change our university. Now, think of this major decision on a smaller scale, one that can change your local world, your everyday school life — the choice to vote to pass the bond referendum for higher education state schools.
In the article, Rutgers officials said, “it will enable colleges and universities to better serve students across New Jersey, create jobs and fuel the state’s economic engine.”
Voting yes for the bond to pass now will not only benefit our education today, but can also give us the tools we need to be fully equipped for our future careers in the fields we spent our long hours studying for.
The more students who do their part to help pass the bond referendum, the more we can show the state that we value our college education and want to see it grow for generations to come; the decision is in our hands.

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