Editorial: Information needs to arrive sooner

Over the past two weeks, Rider has seen a vast increase in safety awareness on campus. On Monday, March 28, 68-year-old Lawrence Township resident Tony Kadyhrob attempted to lure a 19-year-old female student into his car. The student got away, but since then, Kadyhrob has been seen at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and near Princeton University’s campus in Princeton Borough.

We commend the university for alerting students and staff and quickly gathering information to give to the Lawrence Township Police Department (LTPD). Police arrested Kadyhrob a day later, but it took some time for details about the incident to be released to the rest of the campus. There are a few ways that the handling of this matter could have been improved.

Last Friday, students finally received pictures of Kadyhrob through an e-mail from the university. Thus, it took four days after the attempted abduction for students to have a visual of who they should be looking out for, a span of time during which he made his way to TCNJ. But it never should have taken that long. In cases of rare incidents like these, students need as much information as quickly as possible and to know who to contact for information about how to protect themselves.

LTPD was not as forthcoming with information as we had hoped, making it more difficult to know what was going on. Kadyhrob was arrested on Tuesday, March 29. Why did it take LTPD an additional three days to distribute a picture of him?

Fortunately, TCNJ took a photo of him on the campus and was able to send it to Rider immediately.

It also would have helped to know that Kadyhrob now drives a rented red Toyota Yaris, which students learned through news reports, not from LTPD.

This entire incident is a matter of student safety. Students need to know what to be aware of, and not all of our concerns were resolved as quickly as they could have been.  Rider, as well as LTPD, should work towards having a clearer policy to follow in case an incident like this occurs again. But now that students know what Kadyhrob looks like, it will be that much easier to alert Public Safety if he is spotted on campus again.

This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Angelique Lee.

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