Editorial: Hip-hop rules at Rider concerts

The fall season brings a lot of changes: the foliage turning its autumn colors, our transition from summer to school mode and the performer for the fall concert.

Yet, from previous years, it seems as though the musicians that the Student Entertainment Council (SEC) books are all considered to be the same genre of music — hip-hop — and while it may be popular, it is not the only kind of music Rider students are interested in hearing.

In the past few years, the SEC has managed to book some big names from today’s hip-hop industry to perform for the students. In fall 2007, Rider hosted a concert by the Gym Class Heroes and in spring 2009 planned to have The Plain White T’s perform, but the group backed out at the last minute. For the next two concerts, the SEC arranged for Sean Kingston to perform in fall 2009 and Jason Derülo in fall 2010, both of which are hip-hop artists. For this year’s concert, it will be Lupe Fiasco to grace the stage Nov. 18, yet another artist of the same genre.

According to one of the special events chairs of the SEC, Tara Dalrymple, the organization takes a vote from the students each year about the type of music they prefer most. Dalrymple explained that it isn’t all about the price of the act but more about which artist is stepping into the spotlight at the time and the artist’s availability. Yet, for some reason many students still don’t seem to agree with the end results, leaving the SEC with complaints on their hands every year.

The SEC should try being more diverse about which musician is chosen and provide more of a variety for the concert. Taking polls to see who the students would be interested in may be helpful, but it doesn’t explore different options. Rider students would appreciate a change of pace—someone with a guitar and accompanying band or even a female performer.

People’s tastes change all the time, and switching up the musical acts for the concert is the variation students are wanting.


This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Assistant Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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