Editorial: Finding desired first job unlikely

Though most graduates won’t go to the extremes that Trina Thompson did — she sued her alma mater, Monroe College, when she couldn’t find a job — the unemployment statistics are disheartening. Students have been coming here for years expecting to quickly get a job that they have been training for over the past four years. Some find it scary, that on top of attending college and trying to get good grades, they now have to worry about whether or not it will even pay off.

One thing students can hope to do now is find an internship that may boost their résumé up to a higher level than the competition. Hopefully, doing well in an internship will result in a job offer.

The job market needs to improve, and soon, before there are a few thousand more unemployed 22-year-olds who still have to pay for a costly education.

These weekly editorials express the majority opinion of The Rider News editorial board and is written by the Opinion Editor, Angelique Lee.

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