Editorial: Do your part to lower alcohol violations

Our time as a students in college is a period in our lives when we must make decisions and take responsibility for ourselves. For some students, this act of independence can prove to be too much and in turn, can result in losing control of their actions. While you no longer have to answer to mom and dad every day, if things really get out of hand on campus, you will have to answer to Public Safety, the Community Standards Board and possibly the Lawrenceville Township Police.

According to Rider’s Clery Report, the amount of alcohol arrests this year has decreased since last year, though violations dealing with alcohol and drugs have gone up. The big question is: What occurred to make these numbers change and what can Rider do to help them decline?

Rider’s administration is always trying to find ways to decrease the amount of alcohol violations and arrests in an effort to keep students safe and out of trouble. Yet, since Rider allows alcohol on campus, it isn’t always easy and students don’t always know when enough is enough.

It is important for students to realize the potential harm that can come out of drinking too much, which can affect both their physical well-being and their standing with the University.

When the weekend rolls around, it’s understandable that you may want to celebrate the break from classes with your friends and a cold beverage. Rider is a wet campus, which means if you are of legal age to drink, you’re allowed to — provided it is in moderation and in a dorm or at the Pub. Some students below the legal age drink in their dorms anyway, but many people, whether of age or not, don’t know how to conduct or limit themselves, and that is when problems can happen. When dealing with alcohol, it is important to keep track of how much you drink along with what you drink.

Festivities may just lead to a simple warning or noise violation from a resident advisor, but one can end up adding to the number of campus alcohol violations.

Some people think that going to an off-campus house to drink is the safer choice — off of Rider’s property, out of Public Safety’s mind. However, what most students don’t realize is that you can not only still get a violation from Rider off campus, but also get in serious trouble with the Lawrenceville town police if things get out of hand. Although you are off campus, you are still a Rider student who represents the University.

Receiving an alcohol violation may not seem like that big of a deal — hey, it’s better than dealing with the actual police — yet what most students don’t realize is that an infraction such as that stays with you on your school record. One violation may not be a problem, but if you keep being careless trying to get a job after graduation will prove to be much harder than anticipated.

With the leeway we have from being a part of a wet campus, which includes a pub, we shouldn’t take the privilege lightly. Though the increase in violations was small, it still isn’t a good trend for Rider and reflects poorly upon us as students. To keep your safety and student record at Rider intact and decrease the number of alcohol violations, it’s important to be smart about the decisions you make and how you conduct yourself both on and off campus.

The weekly editorial express the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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