Editorial: Concert choice fails to please

In a few weeks, Rider will have a fall concert. The main act this year is Sean Kingston, and he will be here on Thursday, Oct. 22. But what’s wrong with a Thursday night concert? Well, it limits which students can attend. Students with a Thursday night class will be unable to attend because their class goes until either 9 or 9:45 p.m. and the concert goes from 8 to 11 p.m.

According to Nick Barbati, coordinator of campus activities and adviser of SEC, Jason Mraz, who played on a Thursday, got about the same turnout as Gym Class Heroes, who performed on a Saturday. Barbati also said it really boils down to a space issue. SEC needs three straight days to stage this concert. The days before, of and after the concert are used to set up the SRC and then clean it up. It is somehow easier to do all of this if the concert remains on Thursday.

For this year’s spring concert, the SEC should consider having it on a Friday night. This way, students can attend and not be limited by school or work responsibilities and could still go home on Saturday if they really wanted to. Friday would also be a better night because students won’t have to worry about having a class early in the morning the next day.

While we thank SEC for being able to book Sean Kingston, an artist that people generally know, we also ask that, in the future, they reconsider the night that they choose to have the concert on.

These weekly editorials express the majority opinion of The Rider News editorial board and is written by the Opinion Editor, Angelique Lee.

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