Editorial: Candles light darkness

Morally repugnant is the only way to describe the recent incident of racial vandalism. What makes the matter worse is that the use of the “N-word” comes on the heels of celebrating our diversity through festivities associated with Unity Day. Although the University took immediate action to remove the slur, the pain and damage from such an act of intolerance will take time to heal. The Lawrenceville campus community gathered for a candlelight vigil to reinforce the sense of unity through the reading of the Statement of Community Values. It’s up to us to make sure these words that are laminated on beautiful bookmarks are not forgotten.

To make matters worse, Rider has suffered the loss of two students and a professor in the course of one week. The latest student fatality comes after a night of alleged drug use. One student is now under arrest, three have received summonses and Rider is once again facing heat from the barrage of the media.

It’s a profoundly sad time for Rider. Morale seems to be reaching an all-time low. There is one perennial question that remains amid all of this — When are we all going to take a stand?

Written By Opinion Editor, Jamie Papapetros

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