Editorial: Another year, four new issues

This past year, The Rider News has dealt with many issues: cheering on the basketball team, protecting the environment, struggling in today’s economy and studying abroad. While two of these topics are also covered across the country, two of them are discussed specifically in The Rider News.

First, to the world of sports. The Men’s basketball program finished its season 19-13 overall with a 10-6 mark in the MAAC. Junior Ryan Thompson starred throughout the year, earning a First Team All-MAAC selection and receiving mid-major All-American honors from collegeinsider.com. The Broncs possessed a deep offensive squad, finishing the season with five players averaging double-digit points per game.

Now, to the environment. The water stations were introduced to both of Rider’s campuses back in October. As stated in the article, “Energy-saving stations offer refreshing stop,” the stations do not work like regular water dispensers; instead, they take water from existing municipal water, which is then filtered, cleaned and cooled. Also, a Green Corner has been running in issues of The Rider News several times a month. Each article delivers advice and tips on how to stay green, and the various authors try to show that going green does not have to be difficult. In fact, going green can be as easy as turning off your lights or throwing your garbage in a certain color trashcan.

Up next, the economy. We all know that the economy has been struggling for a ridiculous amount of time. But how has that affected us? At the Town Hall meeting held on April 21, topics such as financial aid and the tuition increase were discussed. While the increase was the lowest seen in years, the total amount of financial aid has increased to $38 million, as said in the article, “In downturn, RU OK ‘so far.’” This is fortunate for all students, seeing as the amount of financial aid given is a definite factor in choosing a college.

And now, on to traveling. This year, Rider followed in its own footsteps after its successful decision to form a link with Sanda University, located in China. It established a connection with two French universities: American Business School in Paris and Centre d’études Franco Americain de Management (CEFAM). These links will allow Rider students to travel to the school of their choice in the designated country, but also allows students from those countries to come here. This would be an amazing experience for anyone, but for college students, it provides the chance to learn in a different environment, which only enhances education.

Over this past year, The Rider News has provided coverage about different topics from all ends of the spectrum. It is safe to say that another year like this would give incoming freshmen something to remember as their first year of college.

This weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News editorial board and is written by the Opinion Editor, Angelique Lee.

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