Economy Faceoff: Financial struggles waiting to be addressed in new term – Republican

by Kyle Collins

New Jersey currently suffers from an unemployment level of 9.7 percent, the highest in over 30 years. Even more concerning is the strong likelihood that next month’s unemployment numbers will be even higher. Therefore, it is no surprise the economy remains a major worry in this gubernatorial election.
Republican candidate Chris Christie understands that the same old policies have not helped the people of this state. In fact, people are leaving in droves. New Jersey now ranks fourth in states people are moving out of, according to the Mayflower Transit Study. It is clear we need new leadership. First, Christie knows better than to have policies that promote a mass exodus, and we need to have policies that promote jobs. Secondly, we need to make New Jersey more affordable.
Incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine has been derelict in making New Jersey a friendlier state for businesses. According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group, our state is the least business-friendly in the nation, and has been given this title for the fourth year in a row. This analysis studied an array of state tax policies to reach its grim conclusion. Moreover, the Tax Foundation reveals that we have a corporate tax rate of 9 percent.
Christie understands that businesses give people jobs. If elected governor, Christie plans on making New Jersey a better place to do business. He plans to do this by lowering this absurd corporate business tax so we can attract and keep more businesses here, which will hire state residents and promote prosperity. Moreover, Christie plans to encourage clean energy businesses to move to New Jersey with tax credits on our insanely high cooperate business taxes. Christie will organize a “Permanent Red Tape Review” group. This group will sift through the legions of archaic business regulations and redraw them to ensure safe economic growth.
Christie understands that you cannot tax yourself out of a recession. New Jersey already had the highest tax burden in the nation, with 11.8 percent of income going directly to pay state and local tax burdens. However, that was before the most recent budget Corzine penned, which burdened the recession-weary people with $1.2 billion more in taxes. For our state to be prosperous, people need to keep their money so they can spur businesses and put people back into jobs. For this reason, Christie plans on cutting taxes, not raising them.
Christie has the ideas to bring jobs back to this state. The people of New Jersey can no longer endure the failed policies emanating from Trenton.

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