Economy face-off: College Republicans: Focus on strengthening businesses for sturdy future

By Joshua Hursa

The current state of the American economy is fragile, to put it nicely. Jobs are being moved overseas and a weak American dollar is hurting the nation. Have you noticed that prices are rising on everything from food at the supermarket to our own school store? We need guidance and strong solutions to answer the current market problems.

There are many steps that can and must be taken by the next commander in chief in order to shore up our economy. First, we need to create a comprehensive energy policy that combines wind, solar and, most importantly, nuclear power. Sen. John McCain’s plan to build 45 nuclear power plants from now until 2030 will create 700,000 jobs at home. Those who are losing their jobs, from Detroit to Spokane, can get jobs in this new field and ensure American energy independence at the same time.

In addition to securing American energy independence, we must cut taxes to promote small businesses. Businesses have been hit especially hard in this economy, as seen by the recent bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers global finance firm. Rising gas prices hit small businesses even harder, making it nearly impossible to make ends meet.

America has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world and, in order to stay competitive in the world economy, we must rectify that. By cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent, we allow businesses to keep more of their profits, which enables them to avoid passing the rising costs onto the consumers. We have seen how much of a burden these taxes put on businesses here in New Jersey, and it is higher taxes like these that have been driving work out of our state and into Pennsylvania.

The national focus needs to be keeping the businesses here by providing a healthy and strong environment for businesses, their headquarters and their employees.

Freshmen to seniors at Rider need to keep a sharp eye on the current economic situation. We will be graduating soon and trying to start careers. We need to make sure that our degrees allow us to obtain careers that pay well, provide health insurance and give us enough income to survive in this world. The Republican economic plan provides the necessary tools for us to succeed post-graduation; further taxation through impossible universal plans will not.

Let’s think this one through; our future depends on it.

The issues mentioned here represent only a fraction of McCain’s economic policies. To learn more, visit

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