Eco-Rep Green Corner: Web sites keep the Earth in mind

The market for green Web sites is skyrocketing as people want to join the trend of going green. Most of these Web sites are geared toward educating people on living a more sustainable lifestyle, but others are also interested in helping the planet.
One Web site, Blackle (, is a Google-type search engine that inverts the color scheme to a black background to help save your computer energy instead of lighting the entire screen white, like Google does.
Other Web sites like Earth911 ( are there to help people become more environmentally conscious and to aid them in recycling. Earth911 provides its users with different ideas to not only recycle, but reuse and repurpose different everyday objects in order to become more sustainable.
Also, the Internet provides an entirely new domain of retailers with a greener method of shopping. When you order on the Internet, there are often deals to get free shipping, and ground shipping is more sustainable than one person driving to the store to purchase an item with the combustion engine burning in his or her car.
Many of these retailers provide eco-friendly merchandise that is just as stylish or hip as the things you would get at the mall. Terracycle ( is a company that takes trash from other people and repurposes it into other useful goods before the recycling process takes place. Terracycle produces anything from reusable bags out of used Capri-Sun drink packets to recycling bins made out of e-waste (computer waste). Eco-sumo ( is another online retailer that sells eco-friendly products ranging from furniture to clothing and shoes for both men and women.
With people going to video sites like YouTube all the time for not only entertainment, but news and education, there is a green counterpart online. GoGreenTube ( is a Web site similar to YouTube with users posting videos about anything green, such as recycling, EarthHour and reasons to stop using coal for energy. Rider even has its own green page ( Although it’s a little out of date right now, it will soon be revamped.
Overall, the Internet is becoming more and more integral in the daily lives of people everywhere, and going green while using it is becoming easier every day.
Chris Shepherd is one of the seven Eco-Reps chosen to represent Rider.

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