Eco-Rep Green Corner: Small things do matter

By Trevor Hewitt

Today an interest in the environment has exploded in American society. The phrase “Going Green” is posted on billboards, in television ads and even here at Rider. Many students in the Rider community say that they are environmentally conscious, but the truth is that most students don’t understand how much control they have over the natural environment. Rider students can make a difference and they can do this with little effort.

Just imagine the amount of food that you throw away every day at Daly’s. By wasting food, you waste valuable water, electricity and money. Consider the amount of trash that you create on a daily basis. When you are writing an essay, think about all the unnecessary articles you print out. It’s the little things that can add up to really make a difference and improve the world for our future generations.

Take a walk outside and look up into the infinite sky and ask yourself, will your children be able to see this blue beauty, or will it be dark, filled with pollution? Remember, helping the environment simply shows that you care about yourself and your community.

Trevor Hewitt is one of the seven Eco-Reps recently chosen to represent Rider.

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