Eco-Rep Green Corner: Latest change to keeping a green home

Remember making all those crafts as a child with toilet paper rolls? Today, big brand names like Scott Tissue are finding new ways on how those rolls, or rather the lack thereof, can help the environment. Scott has just introduced the tube-less toilet paper roll. The rolls have been introduced in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores across the Northeast and depending on how well the product performs, Kimberly-Clark, a corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products, may unleash the rolls on a national or even global scale.

Lessening paper waste is the motive here behind tube-free toilet paper. The idea may seem unrealistic at first, but the hard facts are undeniable and if nothing else, serve as a wake-up call. Seventeen billion toilet paper tubes are produced each year in the United States. When lined up end-to-end, there are enough tubes to stretch to the moon and back — twice. These seemingly harmless cardboard rolls account for 160 million pounds of landfill-bound trash. To solve this, Scott promises that while the holes in the rolls may not be as round as we are used to, they will fit over standard spindles and every last square of toilet paper will be usable and have no glue.

Scott is taking its first steps toward eco-innovation and has since come out with a green line called Scott Naturals, where tube-less toilet paper rolls are just the beginning. In doing some research on Scott Tissues online store, I have come across more green products. At first glance, a slogan on top of the page reads, “green done right.” Within their green line, Scott offers the tube-free toilet paper which is 40-percent recycled, and paper towels that are 60-percent recycled. Kimberley-Clark predicts that if anything is to go roll-less next, it will be paper towels. They also offer napkins that are 80-percent recycled and flushable moist wipes that are made from 100 percent sustainable fibers.

The great thing is they are priced the same as regular tissue products. Doug Daniels, the brand manager of Scott says, “Consumers don’t want to compromise to do something good for the environment, they’re not there yet.” This quote, though unfortunate, is also a great way to go green without breaking the bank. Along with a purchase of Scott Naturals toilet paper, the customer will be given a free, limited time Smart Flush Bag. Last month, the company focused on home water conservation and this is what they have come up with. Kimberly-Clark claims that when placed into a toilet tank, the Smart Flush Bag can help a family of four save up to 2,000 gallons of water per year.

The urgency of this matter is clear and we cannot just ignore the amount of trash we are generating, simply from our bathroom alone. Being conscious of eco-friendly products is very important, but in this case, is just not enough. We must further our efforts to keep our waste out of landfills and using Scott Natural products is a big step in the right direction.

– Jillian Spratt

Lawrenceville Eco-Rep

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