Eco-Rep Green Corner: Help animals before they disappear

We are not the only ones who occupy this planet. There is a huge web of biodiversity stretching across every continent and ocean. There’s everything from tigers and gorillas in distant exotic lands, whales and marine turtles that inhabit the depths of the oceans, and even raccoons and bears in our own backyards. And because of the impacts of human actions, we are causing an increasing number of these animals to become endangered and possibly extinct.

For nearly half a century the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) has been working to protect the future of nature. This is the world’s leading conservation organization, and at this year’s Campus Sustainability Day the Eco-Reps are asking for your help to adopt three species with help from WWF. With the funds collected those species will be sponsored through WWF to help aid in their protection from extinction. The three species that have been chosen tot be supported are the tiger, marine turtle and gorilla.

The year 2010 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac. It symbolizes bravery, competiveness and unpredictability. Poaching, retributive killing and habitat loss and fragmentation are threatening these majestic creatures. All six of the tiger species are endangered, with two of them being critically endangered. There are possibly only 3,200 left in the wild. But nature is on our side; tigers are plentiful breeders and can breed quickly. With proper safeguards in place, including measures for habitat and prey species, and stopping tiger poaching and habitat destruction we can double the number of tiger populations by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. This can be accomplished by supporting organizations like WWF who collaborate with governments, local communities and other groups to invest in helpful strategies. Some of those range from income generation and alternative livelihoods for people living with tigers, to lobbying on the highest level to secure wild spaces and end tiger trade.

For more information on endangered species and what you can do to help, visit Stop by the Campus Sustainability Day celebration on Wednesday, October 20th on the Cranberry’s Patio (rain location in the Rider Pub) from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm to donate to this worthy cause. Three people will win a plush of one of the species adopted with the collected donations. There will also be more information about tigers, marine turtles and gorillas provided at the Campus Sustainability Day event. The Eco-Reps look forward to seeing you there.

– Lauren Clabaugh

Lawrenceville Eco-Rep

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