Eco-Rep Green Corner: Clean a room and the environment

How do you clean your room? Well, we all take out the trash and the recycling, maybe use a vacuum, do some laundry. When cleaning, it’s not really common to think of how these actions affect the environment. It’s very easy to change how things are done to reduce the footprint on our planet. You may think about the toxic fumes you breathe in while cleaning, particularly from aerosol cans, but that’s one of the few thoughts people have.

New green products are popping up in stores everywhere, some of which, like “Method,” are biodegradable. “Seventh Generation” claims to come from all natural sources and considers the next seven generations of life after us. A cheaper and more economical way to create cleaners is combining vinegar or baking soda with water, creating an all-purpose cleaner used to clean anything from your desk to your floor. Another simple way to improve the air quality in your room and eliminate artificial air fresheners is to get a plant for your desk. Some other products that Planet Green Channel suggests include Biokleen, Mrs. Meyer’s, Optionsforlife and Shaklee, which are all available online.

To take it a step further, instead of spraying a cleaning agent on a surface and wiping with a paper towel, spray it directly onto a reusable rag and then clean. This will keep the bulk of the chemical particles from going into the air and save paper at the same time. HEPA filters, or high efficiency particulate air filters, are also a great idea when vacuuming. These filters allow you to remove most particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter or more. This greatly benefits asthma and allergy sufferers, reducing the amount of particles that may trigger symptoms. If you are interested in using such a filter, it is best to find a vacuum that is labeled as “Sealed HEPA” or “True HEPA.” It’s always a good idea to look at your environmental impact, and now it’s even easier to be green while you clean.

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– Christopher Shepherd
Lawrenceville Eco-Rep

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