Eco-rep Green Corner: Broadway spotlights green changes

Broadway has decided to go green by enacting environmental production plans. The green action began in November 2008 with commitments to awareness and creating a more sustainable theater experience. The main mission statement read, “Broadway Goes Green is an industry-wide initiative to reduce Broadway’s carbon footprint, adopt environmentally sustainable practices and promote environmental awareness in the creation and presentation of Broadway shows.” The initiative is broken into three Broadway production phases: theater venue operations, the daily running of shows and the creation of shows from concept to stage.

Broadway’s new undertaking collaborates with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. People within the industry are also avidly involved, including Charlotte Martin, the executive director of the Broadway League, and David Stone, the producer of Wicked.

There are four major goals for the first year. The first concerns beginning new shows with greener alternatives from stage design to scenery and having more accessible information about environmentally friendly options. The second focuses on lowering carbon emission, reducing waste, increasing sustainability among running shows and informing audiences of environmental practices. The third is keeping record of carbon impact and creating plans to lower carbon footprints. The last goal is to expand beyond Broadway to productions across America.

Numerous actions have taken place already. PLAYBILL will be printing theater-related environmental tips. The musical Wicked has revised and adopted a greener approach with backstage production practices. Ten theaters made Marquee lights more efficient and 14 theaters are in the process of doing so. An effort to reuse scenery and create new sets with environmentally friendly materials is also occurring.

For more information visit and read the full press release. There is a lot of advice about green theater practices specifically in the areas of production, venues, designers, producers and creation shops. There are also eco tips from NRDC and a review board for public feedback.
Alison Melchor is one of the seven Eco-Reps chosen to represent Rider.

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