Dugan hired as new assistant dean

Margaret Dugan was hired to be the new assistant dean of Corporate and Community Outreach.By Amber B. Carter

With experience in journalism, public relations and administration, a new dean has joined the College of Continuing Studies.

Margaret Dugan began her position on Oct. 22 as assistant dean to spearhead Corporate and Community Outreach.

“I chose to work at Rider University because I was looking for an opportunity to continue the work that I was doing, but also, to be more in touch with the students, and this position allows me to do both,” she said.

Dugan’s daily tasks include making businesses aware of opportunities offered to adult learners, conversing with employers about potential education training programs and, of course, advising students.

Dugan’s first job out of college was in public relations where she wrote press releases, public service announcements and community event notifications. Additionally, she worked for a neighborhood newspaper on and off for a number of years as a side job.

Dugan began working at a social service agency in the public relations department, but realized the job had too much secretarial work. She quickly realized that in order to move up, she needed another job.

She decided to go into higher education and climb the career ladder, but she needed some management experience as well so she switched to the administrative field.

Dugan is a Philadelphia native and mother of three children, twin girls who are 8 and a son who is 4.

“They keep me pretty busy, so I don’t have time for too many hobbies,” she said.

Dugan received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from Temple University in Philadelphia and her master’s degree in Science in Management from Rosemont College in Rosemont, Pa.

Dugan feels fulfilled with her employment at Rider.

“I just want to be able to make sure the community is aware of the great programs that we have, the flexibility adult learners have here, the amazing staff that is here and how we serve our students,” she said.

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