DPhiE house manager hopes to ‘encourage and empower’

By Lauren Lavelle

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon will receive a new house director this month after the sorority’s previous director departed last spring.

Xany Whitmoore, a recent graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, will take over the position as well as serve as the community service coordinator for student affairs.

New to both the working and Greek world, Whitmoore is excited to see what is in store.

“This is my first foray into Greek Life, so I’m really excited to get to know it and see this other side of higher education,” said Whitmoore. “Higher education is something I’m passionate about and want to stay in long-term.”

A supporter of community building and an advocate for developing lasting relationships with people, Whitmoore accepted the position in order to provide guidance and help the sisters find their sense of self within their college community.

“I really hope to get to know them and get involved with their structure,” said Whitmoore. “Hopefully my presence on campus can support them in whatever their goals and achievements are.

“I love connecting people to other people and helping them figure out what they want to do, especially because college can be such a difficult time. I know from my undergrad experience, the people who made the most difference were the mentors in my life, and I’d love to be able to be that for other people.”

Aside from making sure the house is safe and an enjoyable environment for the sisters, Whitmoore also has other responsibilities she must uphold.

“I will be put into the rounds system for the west side of campus, and I’ll also be helping out and attending any of the Delta Phi Epsilon events where they need my support, encouragement and attendance,” she said.

Along with this, Whitmoore will be lending her positive spirit to another element of campus life.

“As far as my role as community service coordinator, I help coordinate the Bonner’s Scholar Program, I partially supervise the Rider Service Leader and I help plan and execute the campus wide Days of Service,” said Whitmoore. “I want to encourage and empower the students to take leadership roles on campus.”

While this experience will come with many obstacles, Whitmoore is looking forward to meeting the sisters and hopes to understand what they offer to the Rider community.

“You have to expect to be affected as much as you are affecting,” said Whitmoore. “As much as I would love to be a mentor for the women in my house, I also can’t wait for the lessons they have to teach me.”

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