“Don’t quit” until you’re a star on the Broncway

“She Plays the River” was one of the performances put on by the Broncway, Rider’s student-run drama organization.

By Christian McCarville

To anyone who has ever stepped foot inside the Fine Arts building, it is quite evident that Rider University is home to many talented performers. Rider puts on several large-scale theater productions each semester, but only a certain number of performers can participate in each show. This leaves a lot of uncasted talent waiting for the next audition to give another attempt at being apart of a production.

Rider allows students to create their very own productions, which gives student performers an alternative way to showcase their talents. Broncway is an entirely student-run organization that frequently puts on a variety of different performances.

Broncway allows students to explore their interests within the School of Fine and Performing Arts (FPA), whether it be writing, acting, designing, directing or much more. It is an outlet for student creativity and artistic expression. Broncway also provides participating students with lots of material to add to their performing resumes, assisting them in their post-collegiate lives.

“[Broncway] gives more auditioning opportunities as well as performing and writing opportunities to students in FPA,” said senior dance major and Advertising Chair of Broncway Rose Conroy-Voza. 

Being a student-run organization does not make the Broncway any less professional. For many, Broncway’s show are of high quality and are exemplary of the hard work and talent behind them. The organization even has its own website containing information about shows and even a shop for merchandise.

“I’ve learned that it takes a lot of passion, creativity, people and work to put on a show, not necessarily money,” said Conroy-Voza. 

Most recently on Oct. 6, Broncway hosted “Anything Goes: A Tap Cabaret” in the Spitz theater. The show was directed and choreographed by junior musical theater majors Jerome Manning and Tessa Douglas.

“Broncway was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process of creating a tap cabaret about identity,” said Douglas. “Right from the start, they expressed their pleasure of working on this project with us as well as making sure we had the resources we needed in order to succeed. Broncway booked rehearsal spaces for us as well as supported us in any way that they could such as creating flyers, advertising, and even giving us a budget.”

Douglas also explained how Broncway greatly assisted her in overcoming technical difficulties that arose before the show.

“During the night of the Tap Cabaret performance, we discovered that the speaker system in the Spitz was unusable. I can not thank the Broncway Board enough for stepping in and solving the problem,” she said. “They came together and made sure that the Tap Cabaret went on as expected with only a minor delay. Any student-run show that is sponsored through the Broncway is ensured to be supported and loved all throughout their creative journey.” 

Broncway is also set to host a Halloween-themed show on Oct. 20 at 9 pm in the Spitz Studio Theater. It is titled “The Witching Hour: A Halloween Caberet” and will be directed by sophomore theater major Annie Chalice with choreography by junior musical theater major Sydney Roy and Iris Courchaine.

A holiday-themed show called “Swingin’ the Seasons!” is also set to take place on Dec. 8 at 8 pm in Gill Chapel. It will be directed by sophomore musical theater major John Viggiano who will be assisted by junior musical theater major Sarah Ford.

Published in the 10/16/19 edition

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