DIY Dining: How to make Nutella ice cream sandwiches


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Rider students can use this map of Daly’s Dining Hall to find the ingredients needed to create Nutella ice cream sandwiches.

Junior Will Gallagher created the perfect dessert to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Students can find all of these ingredients in Daly’s Dining Hall and can easily create this treat after lunch or dinner. They can mix and match ingredients to fit their preferences.


Two cookies – chocolate chip or sugar

Nutella and/or peanut butter

Your favorite ice cream



1) Heat up cookies in the toaster oven. Put them in a bowl.

2) Put Nutella on the cookies.

3) Head over to the ice cream station and scoop some of your favorite ice cream in. Add toppings to taste. Enjoy.


“I couldn’t decide if I wanted cookies or ice cream my freshman year. It’s both my most proud and shameful moment — proud because it’s delicious, shameful because it’s a truly monstrous creation.”

– Will Gallagher, junior arts administration majorwill_WEB-300x279_WEB









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Printed in the 10/28/14 issue.



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