DIY Dining: How to make Asian lettuce wraps

Daly's Floorplan_WEBRider students can use this map of Daly’s Dining Hall to find the ingredients needed to create Asian lettuce wraps.

This recipe explains how to take a mix of boring veggies and basic proteins and turn them into a gourmet meal. Students can find all of these ingredients in Daly’s Dining Hall and create healthy and delicious lettuce wraps that are perfect for lunch or dinner. Refer to the map and instructions to create this innovative meal in minutes.

Lettuce leaves
PYOP (pick your own protein)
Bean sprouts
Sliced carrots
Soy sauce
Chili sauce

1. Lay the lettuce leaves flat on a plate.
2. Top the lettuce with a protein of your choice, or extra veggies if you’re a vegetarian or vegan.
3. Next, add in some bean sprouts and carrots and roll the lettuce leaves up into wraps.
4. In a small bowl, combine equal parts soy sauce and chili sauce. Use this as a dipping sauce for the wraps.

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Click here to view a Q&A with author Priya Krishna for more dining tips and tricks.

Recipe excerpted from Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks © by Priya Krishna.

Printed in the 09/24/14 issue.

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