Diverse athletics

By Kristie Kahl

It seems that many people forget about the other group of athletes that walk Rider’s campus each day.

Granted, they aren’t here on scholarship and they don’t practice according to a particular schedule each week, but this group still obtains a level of skill and intensity, as well as the hopes of bringing home a championship.

I’m talking about none other than Rider’s club and intramural sports teams.

“Varsity athletics are organized sports so they practice every day while we may practice once a week,” said Mark Stephan, quarterback for flag football’s Knights Two. “Other than that we both work toward a common goal of being the best.”

The club sports consist of baseball, dance team, equestrian team, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, running, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and eventually coming to lanes near you, bowling. Intramural sports include flag football, outdoor soccer, tennis, whiffleball, 5-on-5 basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, table tennis, indoor soccer and softball.

To most it seems like just a bunch of games where students play and goof around, but to those who participate, it is dedication, talent and tough competition.

Such intensity can be seen in the members of Knights Two, who pride themselves on their 2-1 flag-football record, with hopes of coming out on top in the playoffs.

Currently, leaders on the team are Mike Burylo with one interception, Brandon Copeland with three quarterback sacks and Stephan with three rushing touchdowns. With two wins, they’ll continue to push toward the post-season.
Club and intramural sports are a great way to become active at Rider.
“It has always given me something to look forward to,” Stephan said. “It gives me something to do with my time on this campus, which I think is good because I don’t like sitting around being bored, especially when I get to spend my time doing something I love.”

Not only can these activities fill empty time, but they help fill a void for former athletes who still enjoy a competitive game every now and then.

“I have always been a big sports person, so intramurals have always caught my eye, especially football since I played in high school,” Stephan said. “Football has been my favorite of all sports and I just love playing the game. So that, along with the competitiveness of this league, has really drawn me to intramural football.”

If you enjoy taking part in athletics, club and intramural sports are the way to go. They allow you to take part in a team with competitiveness and fun all at the same time. These teams give you the chance to put down the Daly’s food and get out with your friends.

“One benefit that comes right to mind is it helps keep me in shape and active,” Stephan said. “Especially with football, with the running in and out of the pocket while throwing down field really keeps my body in good shape. Another is all sports are, to me, a great stress reliever and a great way to have fun. Anytime I have a bad day or a lot on my plate, these sports help me clear my mind and have some fun with my brothers on campus.”

At the end of the day, varsity athletics may vary from club and intramural sports in many ways, but they have one thing in common: the desire to win.

“Just like varsity athletics works hard to be the best in the MAAC, we work hard to gain the ultimate honor of being intramural champs,” Stephan said. “All sports, whether you look at intramurals or varsity athletics, have players with goals and that is what makes intramurals so great. Playing in them makes you feel like you take part in another great athletic team at Rider.”

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