Dining Changes Face-off Delectable looks at Daly’s dining changes- Sophomore

When someone thinks of a cafeteria or a dining hall, the typical movie scene pops into his or her head. There are hundreds of tables and chairs, stacks and stacks of plates, long lines of bustling people looking for something to eat and of course, gross food that sometimes consists of “mystery meat.” To make a long story short, dining halls aren’t always beautiful and don’t always serve five-star cuisine. However, this year, Rider is really trying its hardest to give us that picture-perfect dining hall, and its hard work is paying off.
Upon entering the doors of Daly’s for the first time last year, I thought it was great. The place was huge, there was so much food and cereal that lined the walls. To me, it honestly couldn’t get any better than that. Coming from a small high school where the cafeteria was a tiny room filled with picnic tables and old women serving chicken nuggets, this was a five-star restaurant. Little did I realize what I would have to face everyday: fighting for a table at high meal times, finding at least one thing other than pizza or a hamburger that I would actually eat and the overall monotony of it all.
Toward the end of September, I found myself growing bored with Daly’s. To me, it really wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. It really made me wonder how the other students dealt with eating the same food over and over again and what I could do to try to survive the next four years.
To my surprise, I somehow stuck it out and learned to get creative with what there was. I also learned to cherish the meals that I had when I went home for the weekend or on breaks.
Over the summer, I heard about the construction being done to Daly’s. I had to admit that I was very skeptical about these so-called “renovations.” Yet, when I returned to Daly’s for the first time after summer vacation, I couldn’t believe that it was the same place that I hated going to last year. The dining hall was absolutely gorgeous, and you could tell how hard the workers had worked over the summer.
More importantly, it didn’t just look great, but the food tasted even better. There were so many food choices that I found myself having to walk around several times just to decide what I wanted to eat, I knew that I could definitely get used to this. Even though I only experienced the old Daly’s for one year, I have to say that I love the remodeled one a thousand times more. Rider did a great job with the remodeling and all of the modifications it made. Eating on campus is now that much more enjoyable.

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