Delta Phi Epsilon hosts carnival to raise money for cystic fibrosis

By: Adrianna Jaccoma

The brisk fall November day called for some belated Halloween activities, and the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon held a Halloween carnival to raise money for cystic fibrosis on Nov 7. Located next to the Fine Arts building, the carnival included music, baked goods, face painting, lawn games, a haunted tunnel, tarot card readings and a raffle for new airpods. The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon either dressed as horror film characters or had scary makeup to stay on par with the theme.

“We wanted to see what would draw people in. … We normally do a haunted house, but we wanted to change it up and do something outside. So we tried to do a bunch of clowns, and everyone dressed up in costume. … [We’re] trying to be a little scary, so there’s the aspect of scary and not scary … We wanted it to be like a carnival, that’s our goal,” said Senior elementary education major Alexandra Kaye.

All proceeds will be donated to their philanthropy, Cystic Fibrosis research and awareness. Cystic fibrosis is a build up of mucus in the lungs and currently doesn’t have a cure. “Anything with the raffel or the games and the bake sale will be donated at the end towards [cystic fibrosis research and awareness],” said Kaye, who is the philanthropy chair of Delta Phi Epsilon.

President Angelica Garcia, a senior marketing major, helped organize the event and said “[My favorite part about being president has been] The amount of people I’ve met being president, cause you have to meet so many people from the outside world that aren’t your sisters.” 

While Kaye was working on all of the technical aspects of the event, the other sisters worked on the creative aspects,  like decorating with banners and setting up games. They even created a banner that said ‘you look so good!’ with a painting of a skeleton taking a mirror selfie.

A haunted tunnel was located toward the end of the lawn. The “tunnel” (a pop-up tent), was decorated with fake cobwebs, fake spiders, decorative ghosts and had fog coming from the back of it. Some of the sisters stood in or near the tunnel to scare patrons if they chose to enter the tunnel.

The event spanded over Homecoming weekend and welcomed students, families, alumni, and anyone who was on campus to stop by for baked goods, games and a good time.

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