Delectable looks at Daly’s dining changes- Senior

I don’t really like change, so when I walked into the newly designed Daly’s the first few times, I hated it. I wanted the old Daly’s back and I did not have a problem complaining about it publicly. However, after a few weeks of getting used to the changes, I am now starting to think that Daly’s has changed for the better and the overall look and design of the dining situation is an upgrade.
There is definitely more of a variety of food options available presented in a spread out fashion, as opposed to the one long line of possible meals in the old Daly’s.
The biggest improvement award goes to the vegan and vegetarian station for the fact that it is now separated from the regular food choices; vegan meatballs no longer have a chance of fooling me into eating them. Honorable mention would go to the salad bar. It now has a lot more options for vegetables, dressings and toppings; the overall look of the salad bar is a big improvement.
The new dessert station in Daly’s resembles a bakery, with a plethora of different sweet treats to feed all of our desires. Brunch has a lot more options as well, such as omelets, breakfast sandwiches and pancakes, among other things.
Besides the food changes, the seating choices have also improved. There are now regular square tables that students can move together if they want to sit with a larger group of friends. In the back of Daly’s, there are booths and high tables or students can choose to sit right by the food area at the bar-style seating. It’s much easier to find seats during busy lunch and dinner hours.
With all of the positives, however, there are some negatives. I cannot stress enough how much I miss the old weekday omelets. Every time I walk into breakfast now, I feel nostalgic for them, and I can’t get over the fact that this has changed. Now the omelets are always burnt, and the line takes way too long. I may be stuck in a breakfast depression for the rest of the semester.
The wait for the pasta is also ridiculous. The time it takes to heat up the sauce in a frying pan is unnecessary and takes up too much time. By the time I actually get my pasta, I am already full from eating too many cookies while waiting in line in front of the dessert station. Though, I do enjoy the enormous block of Parmesan cheese that you can grate yourself to put in your pasta; I’ll give the “Little Italy” station points for that addition.
Although there are still a few improvements that are needed, the new Daly’s is definitely a step above the old one, even without the weekday omelets.

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