Dean Mosto’s plans after retirement

Dr. Patricia Mosto looks forward to spending her free time after retirement with family and in foreign lands.

“I want to continue traveling. I have to go to Antarctica to finish all the continents. I have three countries to visit to see all the Americas — North, South and Central America — and five countries to complete Europe. To complete Africa and Asia, that’s going to take a while. I’ll put it on the bucket list.”

The next project she wants to accomplish is putting together a memoir of the 2,000 letters between her mother and herself spanning a 20-year period. It would include memories from the time Mosto came to the United States in 1976 to her mother’s death in 1996.

Another big goal she hopes to achieve is to create a blog with recipes that her mother used to make. The recipes will reflect her familial roots, stemming from her parents’ ancestry in Argentina and her grandparents’ from northern Italy. Her family name can be traced back to a Genovese pirate in the 1400s.

Her mother created two cookbooks, and Mosto plans to put the recipes on the blog once or twice a week, while including stories from her youth. Then, she will cook the recipe with her granddaughters and write what they think of the recipe.

The last big plan she wants to try in retirement is to work at Disney World for a few months in the winter.

“I love Disney World, so I thought I could spend January to March there and see how it works.”

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