Day-In-The-Life of an RA

By Neil Rasbury

Well, what can I say about being a new Resident Advisor?

First off, let me start off with why I wanted to be an RA.  I had planned on becoming a RA since my senior year in high school. I thought that I would make a good RA. I can be personable and come up with good programs.   You know how when you first go to college you say to yourself, “Oh those people are so lucky; they get their own rooms and never get in trouble.”  I admit, one of my first thoughts was that I should do it for some help with financial aid.  Then I learned about it from some of my friends; they said that it was a little challenging and that you had to be dedicated to your work.  Still I said,”Sign me up,” and here I am today.

As a first time RA, all I can say that it is interesting and sometimes a little busy.  For instance, when the freshmen were moving in it was hectic signing everyone in and getting them into their rooms, but thanks to the rest of my lovely staff we handled everything calmly.  Making sure the students had their keys, signing the occupancy report and, of course, making sure they signed the alcohol policy was all part of the long day.

I thought that when you become an RA, your social life would end.   In a way it’s 50/50.  When you’re on duty you can’t leave the building and it’s your responsibility to make sure nothing happens to the students.   Also you are on duty from 7pm-7am, but staying up late doesn’t seem to bother me that much.  I’m on duty mainly on Tuesdays so that means if something fun on campus happens that day I can’t go.  Which in a way, for lack of a better word sucks.   However, when I’m not on duty I do get to hang out with my friends, and still get to participate in clubs and other extracurricular activities.

Some of my goals for this year are:

  • Put on great programs for my residents
  • Be available for my residents when they need me
  • Balance my clubs and RA Duty
  • Achieve Deans’ List with a 4.0
Neil Rasbury (credit: Neil Rasbury)


I plan to achieve of these goals by the end of this semester.  I hope I do.

Neil is a sophomore Journalism Major at Rider. He is an RA in Kroner Hall. He participates as a member of both Rider Vibes (an a cappella group) and the Rider Dance Ensemble.

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