Dancing to the rhythm of silence: RHA’s silent disco

By Christian McCarville

On Nov. 16, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted a unique event in the Cavalla Room. This event, known as Silent Disco, attracted a large crowd and featured lots of fun, dancing and music.

Beginning at 8 p.m., students entered the Cavalla Room and received a pair of bluetooth headphones to use during the event. These headphones were collectively connected to a laptop which played the music.

The main purpose of the event was for all attendees to have the same music streamed to their headphones and were encouraged to dance around and have a good time. While the Cavalla Room itself was mostly silent, music filled the ears of all attending students as they danced with friends and classmates. 

Sociology major and RHA vice president Gina Ceccarelli explained that RHA wanted to implement a new type of event into campus life at Rider. 

“We thought it would be a really fun and creative event for Rider students. There’s never really been anything like it on campus before,” said Ceccarelli.

The Silent Disco was glow themed, all of the headphones were able to glow in the dark. The lights in the Cavalla Room were turned off so that the glow could be fully seen.

Sophomore arts administration major Ethan Manton described his enjoyable experience at Silent Disco. 

“Overall Silent Disco was a fabulous time. I was nervous about being able to listen to songs that I liked, but being able to request songs and enjoy being around my friends was an overall great time,” said Manton.

All students were able to make requests for songs that they wanted to hear through the headphones. This addition to the event allowed attendees to become further integrated into the Silent Disco experience.

Students also found it very entertaining to remove their headphones and listen to the sounds in the Cavalla Room.

“My favorite part of Silent Disco was taking off my headphones and listening to the entire room sing along to absolutely no music,” said Manton.

The Silent Disco was surely a huge success and the many students who attended were certainly not disappointed. 

“Depending on what song came on, you could see students faces light up,” said Ceccarelli. “The turnout was pretty great for it being our first year doing it.”

Published in the 11/20/19 edition.

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