Countdown to the Crown: Introducing the nine 2018-19 Cranberry Court Candidates





By Theresa Evans

Senior healthcare management major Lauren Mee has been involved with Rider’s campus since her freshman year and is honored to be part of the Cranberry Court.   

She was Vice President of the Rider Dance Ensemble and the Public Relations chair for the Rider Dance Team during her junior year. Mee was also the Secretary of Rider Dance Ensemble during her sophomore year and is a student worker in the Office of Campus Life.  

“I should win because I have created a lot of meaningful relationships through the organizations I’m involved in and job positions I’ve held,” said Mee. 

During summer 2018, she was a freshman orientation leader. Additionally, she worked at the information desk and served as manager.

“Lauren’s involvement with the university makes her a great candidate,” said Victoria Miller, senior marketing major. 






By Lauren Minore 

Kayla Stolarczuk is a senior secondary education major, a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon and a member of the Student Education Association. 

“I am a friendly face on campus and would love the opportunity to represent Rider in a positive light,” Stolarczuk said. 

She is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honor society, and Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society. She works on campus as an office assistant in the athletic department and as an intramural sports official. 

Stolarczuk cites her involvement on campus as to why she believes she is a good candidate for Cranberry Court.

Jenny Barkovich, junior communication studies major, said, “Kayla really exemplifies Rider and just exudes Rider pride. [She] would be a great representation of our student body in the most positive light.”








By Lauren Minore 

Despite being a transfer and former commuter student, senior accounting major Stephanie Turner has been able to fully involve herself on Rider’s campus. 

“[It was] a bit more difficult to get involved and make connections on campus, but, with a little extra work and stepping out of my comfort zone, I [made it] all possible,” said Turner. 

Turner serves as the Vice President of the senior class and Treasurer of Zeta Tau Alpha. She is also a two-year Orientation Leader and a Community Assistant.

“I have met the most amazing people because of my involvement,” she said. “I have absolutely fell in love with calling Rider my home.” 

Goanio Chavarria, sophomore business management major, called Turner a mentor and praised her work ethic.

“She is a true go-getter,” Chavarria said. “[She] is the perfect representation of a true Bronc.”








By Lauren Minore 

Dalin Hackley, senior political science major, credits his campus involvement and connections for his immersified Rider experience.

Hackley is a Division I Track and Field athlete, a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and a peer mentor.

“It is important for me to be an example for others,” Hackley said. “I hope, if I’m selected to win, people will see and feel someone they can relate to.”

He was appointed to the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion and the Vice President of Student Affairs Student Advisory Board. 

“He is is a perfect representative of how transformative leadership and service to the community can be,” said Nick Barbati, assistant director of campus life for activities and student engagement. “[He] is a student that continually grows, makes me proud and is a standard bearer of what it means to be the best of our student body.”








By Megan Lupo

For senior accounting major Rahquan King-Stubbs, growing up in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York, he said that he was not expected to amount to much. 

Despite that little support, he evolved at Rider through his involvement and education. 

“Over the years, I have progressed from student and member of the community to leader and trailblazer across campus while providing service leadership and giving back to the Rider students. I truly bleed cranberry and contribute to the vibrancy that Rider is known for.” 

He is a three-year Community Assistant, as well as a Theta Chi brother and a Student Government Association executive member. 

Although he said he is excited for his job on Wall Street after graduation, he is looking forward to possibly winning Cranberry Court. 

As senior philosophy major Anthony Beete said, “That crown is fit for a king and Quan’s last name King definitely sums it all up nicely.”








By Nicoletta Feldman

Although senior marketing major Danni Burkard wants to win because Rider has been “the best four years” she could ask for, Cranberry Court has a more profound meaning to her.

“This court is all about what you have done for Rider and what it has done for you,” Burkard said. 

Senior accounting major Peter Duca said that he will vote for Burkard, citing her as “the ideal Bronc.”

“She’s done nothing but provide a benefit to the people, organizations and companies she’s come into contact with,” Duca said.

Between her jobs as a tour guide and an orientation leader and her involvement in business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, Burkard believes her Rider experiences have allowed her to pursue her true passions.

“I have really taken the time to follow what I love,” she said. “It has made my experience and really shown me what I am passionate about.”








By Nicoletta Feldman

Senior sports management major Allen Killiebrew sees himself as “a mirror image of a great, aspiring young Rider student.”

He is a Division I Track and Field athlete, President of the Rider University Greek Council and treasurer of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

“I can say with great pride and honor I’ve left my mark at the school,” Allen Killiebrew said. 

Senior psychology major Avery Killiebrew says those experiences are why his twin brother should be crowned.

“Allen is a true leader,” Avery Killiebrew said. “[He is] an essential piece in bridging the gap between administration and our diverse students here on campus.”

Winning Cranberry Court would be an ideal way to bring Allen Killiebrew’s journey to a close.

“[This] would be the final step for me to leave my legacy,” he said. “Best of luck to all the great candidates.”






By Nicoletta Feldman

In senior dance major Leandra Acosta’s mind, the playing field for Cranberry Court is more level than one may think.

“I don’t think that there is anything that would make me win over anyone else on the court,” she said.

A sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, Acosta emphasized the variety of paths traveled at Rider between all of the Cranberry court members. 

“We all have different experiences that culminate what Rider means to each of us,” Acosta said. “My Rider experience has made me such a strong person.”

To others, Acosta’s personality stands out most.

“Leandra strives above and beyond in all she does while bending over backwards to ensure the well-being of everyone surrounding her,” said Sibel Siglam, junior elementary education major. “She wholeheartedly deserves to win Cranberry Court.”








By Lauren Minore

Kevin Rodriguez, criminal justice major, encourages Rider students to reach out and get involved on campus, as he is enjoying his senior year with no regrets. 

“As a freshman, I didn’t expect to be as involved as I am now. I’m a senior and I hold many leadership positions on campus,” Rodriguez said. “Most of these leadership positions have shaped me into the leader I am today.”

When reflecting on his Rider experience, Rodriguez acknowledges his journey was an eye-opening learning experience.

“I wasn’t perfect at all during my freshman year,” Rodriguez said. “I know what it feels like to start from ground zero and work your way up.”

Reyna Garcia, sophomore international business major, said, “He deserves to win because, in his four years, he has made connections with every aspect of Rider’s population, whether it’s students or faculty.” 




Published in 10/24/18 edition. 

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