Construction projects progress smoothly

The BLC expansion is expected to be finished by next fall.

By Katie Zeck

Over the past few months, the progress made on the construction of the new academic building and BLC theater expansion has been evident.

While the projects had barely begun when classes started, the work has progressed at a smooth pace, allowing students to see the structures gradually take shape.

Mike Reca, associate vice president of Facilities and Auxiliary Services, said that students can expect to return from winter break to find the projects even closer to completion. Work on both sites is expected to continue at full speed with some work being done at that time so it will not interfere with the students’ studies and other University activities.

“We are actually scheduling our most disruptive work during this time as to make minimal impact on the campus community,” Reca said.  “We will be doing several utility connections including a possible power shutdown.”

The new academic building will provide an outdoor meeting place for students where they can congregate outside of their classes.

According to Reca, there have been no complications at either of the two construction sites on campus.

“The construction on both projects is on schedule,” he said. “Both will be done for the fall 2011 semester.”

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