Confessions of a Student Teacher: Attending the Career Fair

By Marina DeVino

Last week I attended one of the most exciting events of my undergraduate career: the Education Career Fair. I spent the two weeks prior diligently working on my resume, making sure I made appointments with Career Services and my student teaching adviser so it could be perfect. The night before I was sure to lay out a stack of printed resumes and my interview outfit and went to bed excited for what was to come.

Since the career fair did not start until 1 p.m., I decided to go to my school to teach my morning classes. The day was going smoothly until noon when I had to leave. At that moment, the panic set in. I could not stop thinking about the many different ways I could make a fool of myself during the fair. I decided to go through with it anyway and made my way to the Cavalla Room in the BLC. I was nervous and excited as I stepped into the room full of potential employers. I was relieved to see my adviser there and she called me over to table she was standing near and initiated my first interview of the day. I handed the school district representative my resume and the interview began. She asked me about my desire to teach mathematics, the lessons I have taught, and challenges I have encountered during student teaching. I managed to impress myself with my ability to answer her inquiries with confident and thoughtful responses. After we shook hands and I left the table, I felt silly for freaking out earlier that day. I made my way from table to table and did my best to convince each representative that I was the right candidate for their open mathematics teaching position.

I am extremely happy that I made myself go the Education Career Fair that day. Besides being a great opportunity for me to meet potential employers, it provided me with a glimpse of what the interviews I will be going on in the very near future will be like. This experience has made me more confident in my interview performance and has brought me one step closer to a classroom of my very own!

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