Commuter Complaints: Commute to class turns into hike

Freshman year is arguably one of the most difficult years for any student. One must adjust to all new teachers and classes, and familiarize oneself with brand-new buildings. Commuter freshmen also must deal with an entity known as the U lot. The letter “U” must stand for “uncomfortable,” “unhappy,” or “unsatisfied,” because that is exactly how one feels as he or she makes the hike from the lot to class and back again.
This lot feels like it is located nearly a mile away from any academic building. It takes approximately seven minutes to walk from the U lot to Fine Arts, which is the closest academic building to the lot. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the U lot to North Hall.
How will freshmen commuters make this trek when it rains or snows? One must purchase a pair of designer rain boots and keep them in the trunk of the car. It is imperative that a freshman commuter carries an umbrella at all times so that he or she is not soaked while walking to the car. Things will only get worse when temperatures are 40 degrees. It is unfair that freshmen are forced to walk an incredibly long distance just to get a decent education. The exhausting excursion is then multiplied in difficulty if one’s classroom is located on the second or third floor of a building.
Every morning, freshmen commuters must leave their homes 10 minutes earlier than they normally would to account for the amount of time it takes to walk to class. If a freshman commuter is late arriving on campus, he or she will be even later to class, just because of the ridiculous distance.
This semester, I scheduled all 8 a.m. classes so that I could beat the traffic during the dreaded rush hour. When daylight saving time takes effect, how will I feel walking to class in the dark? Students can move their cars to any lot in front of the Bart Luedeke Center after 4 p.m. on weekdays. This is a terrific safety policy, but it still means I have a long walk in the dark every morning.
The most positive aspect of this treacherous walk is that commuter freshmen have a greatly reduced chance of gaining the “freshmen 15.” One can proudly eat anything he or she wants because of all of the weight that will be lost from walking the long distance. The ironic part is that commuters have free memberships to the gym located in the Student Recreation Center. At least this walk is scenic.
-Valerie Bell
Freshman public relations major

Printed in the 9/25/13 edition.

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