Commuter Commends: Clubs connect commuters

As a freshman commuter student, getting active and involved on campus is an essential facet of one’s daily routine. All students are encouraged to join a variety of organizations, and this is a simple task for anyone, both commuters and residents alike. Whether you are a part-time or  full-time student, there are plenty of clubs to fit anyone’s needs.
Throughout orientation and freshman seminar, school professionals and upperclassmen have continually encouraged all commuters to get involved in school and join an abundance of clubs and organizations. There are plenty to choose from, so at first, this was fairly intimidating. From the photography club to the psychology club, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which ones to join. Also adding to the intimidation factor was the fact that some meetings were scheduled between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. at night, which did not always work with my schedule. However, all club presidents have been accommodating and understanding regarding the late meeting times.
One situation occurred in which the first adventure club meeting was scheduled for 10 p.m. I truly wanted to go, but did not want to drive so late on a school night. I sent an email explaining the situation to the president of the club, and the problem was resolved. The president completely understood, and scheduled earlier times for students to obtain all necessary information. Yet, nighttime meetings are not the only meetings that give scheduling conflicts. For the Emerging Leaders Program, there are weekly meetings. One week, there was also a meeting about the Rider Advantage Scholarship on the same day and at the same time. After I emailed the head of the Emerging Leaders Program, a compromise was made.
In addition, when meetings are not conflicting with one another, classes may conflict instead. For example, there was a meeting for the radio station scheduled during the open period. Unfortunately, I had my freshman seminar class scheduled during that time. I emailed the club president and more meetings were scheduled on different days and times. This made me happy to know that the president cared enough to re-arrange schedules so everyone could attend.
Additionally, the photography club meetings were scheduled on Thursdays at 6 p.m. The solution came when this particular club decided to create a group on Canvas, where all members can submit photos at their own convenience. This means that if a member is unable to attend any meeting, he or she still has the opportunity to submit work and participate.
Involvement on campus may take some energy and scheduling, but all of the hard work is worth it in the end. I am truly grateful that all the organizations’ presidents I have encountered been helpful and understanding when it comes to scheduling needs.
-Valerie Bell
Freshman public relations major

Printed in the 10/9/13 edition.

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