Communication students get a taste of life in Los Angeles

As a part of the studio tour, Kimberly Ortiz was able to hold an actual Academy Award to see what it felt like to hold one as if she had won.

By Kimberly Ortiz

Several of us from the communication and journalism department spent our Spring Break in a unique way, in one of the biggest cities for entertainment: Los Angeles. The program, sponsored and chaperoned by Barry Janes, professor of communication, and Shawn Kildea, chair of the department of communication and journalism, was a way to introduce students looking to spend a semester in the city, taking classes and experiencing hands-on what it is like to live and work in the entertainment business.

A week-long stay in Universal Studios, Hollywood, gave us the opportunity to not only visit the theme park, but to experience what it is like to work there, as well.

On our trips to the studios and backlot tours of Warner Brothers Studios and Sony Studios, our group got to witness first-hand what working on a television and movie set is really like. We also learned the history of how big-name shows and movies were filmed there.

We even had the opportunity to attend a show taping as a live studio audience of the CBS show, Two Broke Girls. It was great to experience the full filming atmosphere for actors, producers, writers and cameramen, among others.

There was also an on-site tour to Oakwood Apartments, where future Rider University students living in Los Angeles would be staying during their semester. Anyone in our group that was interested got to get a feeling of where and how they would be living in a different city.

Although we all had a lot of fun on the trip, we also took the time to work on our assignments, one being to create a promotional video to promote the upcoming semesters in Los Angeles. Other assignments we were given included creating photo essays that show what it is like living and working in the City of Angels.

Soon it was time for us students to come home and, with our experiences of working and living in Los Angeles, something that many Rider University students hope to someday do.


Originally printed in the 3/29/17 edition. 

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