Co-Op Confessions: Keep On Pushing

By Sabrina Safran

Given that we’re so close to the end of the semester, the commute to the Big Apple is beginning to take a toll on me. Of course, I love my co-op opportunity since I it provides me with a “big girl” job three times a week. However I am only human – a human in college nonetheless. When the holidays near and it begins to cool down outside, I think it’s easy not only for myself but for other people my age with this kind of opportunity to forget how lucky we truly are. Not only did we land an experience that could ultimately lead to a job, but we’re also one step ahead of our competition, who have not yet taken the initiative to apply for these kinds of experiences.

For instance, getting out of bed was such a struggle this morning. Though I’m only taking two classes this semester, one of them is a production class, which requires a lot of attention outside of our weekly class meetings. Additionally, when I’m not in the city, I am fulfilling my duties as co-president of Rider University Network, president of our National Broadcasting Society, and as a choreographer, dancer, and technology chair for Rider University Dance Ensemble, which starts to catch up to me after a while. However, I love each and every thing that I do, especially my co-op at Logo. I love that what I do reminds me each day that having to get up early to be in the city or spending all hours of the night in the TV studio producing projects makes all of the sacrifice and limited sleep worth it. When I think about, I would be so bored if I didn’t have so much to do. Plus, I think it’s such a waste of any parent’s money if all their kid does at school is go to class. Class is important, of course, but it’s getting involved with extra activities, internships, and co-ops that will get you the real job one day – especially if you’re a communications major like myself. Though four years may seem like a lifetime when we’re college freshman, it is the fastest four years of our lives. That’s why it’s important for us to make each day count.

Of course ,with the good days of any semester come the bad days of any semester, but the mindset of living each day to fullest is what gets me through my tougher days. When I think back to all I’ve accomplished so far at Rider, it puts a big smile on my face. Not only will getting involved at school and going after co-op opportunities elsewhere build your resume, but it will also build your confidence in the working world and will help you to grow as a person. So with that being said, don’t just take the easy way out. It may sometimes feel like the biggest struggle to get out of bed, but just think about how much all of the sacrifice is going to be worth it once you’re able to graduate with a job waiting for you. For any college student about to graduate, this alone is the most rewarding feeling.

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