Co-Op Confessions: How Can I Stand Out?

By Diana Gebbia

It’s easy for a college student to get lost in the business of the workplace. Students constantly feel the pressure to make a good impression on companies that they would like a job with. Leaving a lasting mark on bosses and other authorities in the workplace is not an easy task, but with a little time and a lot of hard work, it can be achieved.

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The first step to standing out as a worker is to always think ahead of what you are doing. If you are completing a task, always keep in mind “what is the next thing I have to do?” Try to figure it out for yourself before asking someone else first, especially if you have completed this task previously. It’s always refreshing to see a worker who takes initiative. You should never wait to be told to do something. Instead, always ask if you can do anything to help someone. Sometimes, helping someone complete the smallest task can go a long way.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, being kind will get you far in the workplace. Check your personal life at the door and keep a positive attitude during work. Never look at going to work as a chore. Workers who are happy to do their jobs will help you stand out to potential employers, employees of the company you want to work for, and even clients you are dealing with.

A good worker is always ready and willing to learn new things. This is especially important in the case of an internship or co-op, since the purpose of both of those opportunities is to gain experience in a work setting. Sometimes, people won’t ask you if you’re interested in learning how to do a specific task. It is up to you to ask a person to give you more information on something you’re interested in learning how to do. If you ask the right way, and at an appropriate time, it can be extremely beneficial to your learning experience, and can help you make important connections. Be observant of everything that goes on around you.

Standing out in the workplace definitely can seem hard at first. If you make an effort to always observe what goes on around you, go beyond what is expected of you, and always have a positive attitude in the workplace, the right people will take notice.


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