Co-Op Confessions: Establishing a Good Working Relationship With Your Boss

by Sabrina Safran

As I enter the eighth week of my co-op at Logo TV, I can’t help but reflect on how fortunate I feel to have established such a great working relationship with my boss and entire department. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. Regardless of how friendly (or sometimes not) your boss can come off, it’s always important to remember that they care most about how you perform in their work environment and ultimately how you can benefit the company itself. That’s why it’s extremely important to find a balance between being your boss’s “friend” as well as being a good employee.

To further clarify, when I say “friend” I mean someone that your boss can vent to if something work-related is bothering them, someone that cares about what is happening in their lives (such as what they did over the weekend), and of course someone that can make their life a little easier by being a good listener and completing a task quickly and efficiently. As I mentioned earlier, this kind of open work relationship takes time to build up and establish, so it is also essential to have patience. However, if you keep doing the best that you can in the workplace and give every project your all (no matter how big or how small), your boss will recognize that and begin to put more trust in you on all levels. Hard work not only benefits you in improving your job but also in making connections that could lead to a permanent job.

When starting any job, it’s hard to figure out how to get comfortable in your work environment while trying to impress your boss. But that’s no reason to get discouraged. Patience in the workplace is essential, especially while getting acclimated to the job. If you’re like me, than you not only worry about making a good impression on your boss and department, but also worry about how you can become friendly with your boss, to point where you may keep in touch once your time at the company is done. Though it’s difficult to know whether or not to be completely open with your boss (especially if you have a boss as wonderful and laid back as mine), keep in mind that depending on your work environment, it’s okay to be personal. Bosses are people too and do care about your well-being, so don’t be afraid to make friends. Go up to them and be friendly. Perhaps in the long run it will pay off for you, just as I hope it does for me.


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