Co-Op Confessions: Cell Phones in the Workplace

By Diana Gebbia

Cell phones help us stay connected to the world around us. Often, we have an issue putting down our phones for just a few minutes. This tends to be an issue when it comes to paying attention in classes. Many times, I’ve noticed students trying to hide their phones behind textbooks or under their desks during class. Texting or using our phone for other reasons during class is frowned upon, and usually comes with a few consequences. There is good news for those who feel like they are addicted to their phones – cell phones are treated differently in the workplace.

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There are still some limits to cell phone usage in the workplace. Your phone should not distract you from getting your work done. If you’re spending more time texting your friend to discuss last night’s episode of American Horror Story and the pile of work on your desk is growing at an alarming rate, you’re doing something wrong. It is okay, however, to send a quick text here or there while working. If your boss sees you texting, he’s not going to take your phone from you and give it back at the end of the day.

Phones can actually be useful in getting work done. There have been times where I was asked to check Twitter to find trending topics and information about important news stories. I’ve also used my phone to make calls to find out information about events and to get into contact with people with needed information.

There are other ways which phones can be beneficial to the workplace. Just recently, I was at an event where we needed to play a broadcast directly from the station, rather than playing music from an iPod like we normally do at most events. My phone was connected to the speakers, and we used an app to access the station and have their feed play through our speakers. Also, at live broadcasts, I’ve observed producers of shows use their phones to contact board ops and phone screeners back at the station. This is very efficient, and helps everyone stay on the same page, and in turn helps the broadcast run smoothly.

The technology from our phones can even increase efficiency in completing tasks. Although phones can be distracting at times, they are definitely useful in the workplace.

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