Club provides worthwhile business tactics

By Lauren Lavelle

Rider students seeking professional help with interview and business skills have the opportunity to jump into a business-world atmosphere with Rider’s chapter of the Developing Administrative Abilities and Resources through the Synergistic Training of Organizational Competencies club (DAARSTOC).

Now in it’s 40th year, the club provides students with role play opportunities aimed at giving them worthwhile skills for job opportunities in the real world.

Christina Leib, junior human resource major and vice president of recruitment for DAARSTOC, explained how the programs are split into two semesters, each dealing with a separate aspect of the business world.

“In the fall, we do role plays, so we work on how to give feedback in the right way and how to talk to an employee,” said Leib. “In the spring, the skill we work on is interviewing. There’s an interviewer and an interviewee, and they really try to work on the scope of their responses.”

With a mission statement based on enhancing professional and personal skills through learning and personal interaction, DAARSTOC has many goals it wishes to accomplish with Rider students, one being to turn them into respected leaders.

“DAARSTOC’S overall goal is to make people into the best leaders they can be,” said junior international business and finance major and DAARSTOC member Luke Gilbert. “We are a group of like-minded, ambitious individuals who all want to strive to not only better ourselves, but the others in the group as well. We constantly push and challenge each other to take new approaches or take a different look at something. These attributes all help us become the best leaders we can possibly be.”

Now in the beginning stages of recruitment, DAARSTOC looks for students it believes will benefit the most from its various business skills.

“We mainly focus on person to person,” said Leib. “If we see people in our classes that stand out, we’ll go up to them and tell them they’d be a great fit. Then they fill out an application and are invited to our interview day.”

DAARSTOC interview day presents students with several leadership activities, prompting them to use their current skills and experiences to figure out the problem at hand.

“It starts out with a group project so we can see how you work with other people,” said Leib. “Then there are interviews in group settings and you have to talk in front of a camera for a minute about a word.”

While she believes all aspects of DAARSTOC will be beneficial later in her career, Leib feels the feedback she receives is the most important part of her experience.

“I definitely think the role playing is something I’ll be able to carry with me, but it’s more than that,” she said. “It’s hard for a lot of people to accept feedback, so being able to build relationships with everyone in the club and know that they are trying to better you as a person is something good to bring to the workplace.”

Gilbert also appreciates all DAARSTOC has provided for him, especially his increased communication skills.

“I think it helps in many ways, but the biggest one is learning how to communicate more effectively with people,” he said. “We practice public speaking and learn how to think on our feet, all of which help you become a better communicator. In today’s digital age, being an effective communicator can project you ahead in your career tremendously.”

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