Classroom Face-off: Laptops

    Having a laptop is very useful in class – when it is used for the right purposes, of course. Yes, there are students on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr during lectures, but there are those who use it for taking notes as well. Having a laptop in the classroom can help further students’ education.
There are professors who give lectures that are not only chock full of information, but also delivered at a fast pace. By the time a student is done writing down a few words, the professor is already on to another topic, and the student could forget the rest of what was said. This causes the student to scribble down the notes as fast as he or she can. Then, when the student reviews the notes in the future for a test, he or she has to decipher the chicken scratch. Having a laptop saves students time, as it allows them to type notes quickly enough while the information is still fresh in their minds, keeping the notes legible and easy to understand.
How about for those early morning classes, especially that 8 a.m? Bringing a laptop to take notes can stimulate your brain. Research shows that the light spectrum, known as color temperature, from the laptop screen is interpreted by the brain as “It’s daylight, so pay attention,” according to CNN tech. Therefore, once you open that Mac or PC, your eyes send your brain a visual wake-up call for class.
Another reason includes three words: World Wide Web. During my writing class, we often use the Internet to research articles to find evidence for our writing.
Having the tools we need in our possession keeps the class interactive and interesting. When a teacher posts a slideshow of the lecture in class, students can follow along on their own computers.
We are all different when it comes to the way we learn best. Laptops enable students to go at their own pace. Without disrupting the class, students can search for further information on difficult concepts on the Internet.
A laptop is a very useful tool for the student in the classroom.  It can help you stay awake in class and take notes at a more rapid and efficient pace. There is no reason to use paper and pen when you can have a resource like your laptop at your fingertips.

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