Classes teach students self defense on campus

By Theresa Evan

The next self-defense class will be held in the Student Recreation Center’s  Aerobics Room on April 23 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Organized by the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Health and Safety Committee, a series of self-defense classes continue to spark empowerment in students. 

“Self-defense classes provide lifelong knowledge, skills and techniques,” said Sarah Loricco, senior marketing major and Health and Safety Committee chair. “College students often find themselves in situations where they are walking alone on campus, in the parking lot at night or returning to their dorm and should have the opportunity to learn about ways to avoid certain situations and techniques to help prepare them for unexpected situations.”

The courses are taught by certified instructors who personalize the classes to match the students’ capabilities. 

“The content of the classes range from simple techniques, such as effectively striking an attacker, to more complex, martial arts methods,” said Loricco. “The classes are very effective, interactive and the instructors are great.”

Loricco wanted to provide the campus community with a chance to learn self-defense.  

“As a young, female student who lives on an open college campus, I thought it was important that Rider offered students the opportunity to learn techniques and develop skills to defend themselves if necessary,” she said. “When the Health and Safety Committee was developed, we took on the responsibility of organizing these classes to provide all Rider students equal opportunities to learn self-defense methods and knowledge.”

The first self defense class took place in March of 2018 and was followed by three classes in the fall 2018 semester with more to come this spring. 

“The Health and Safety Committee hopes to continue to offer these classes to students in the future and most likely twice per semester,” Loricco said.   

The classes are typically held in the Student Recreation Center in the Seminar Room or Group Exercise Room.  

 “One of our goals as the Health and Safety Committee is to empower all students physically, mentally and emotionally, and we hope these classes help provide students with valuable knowledge, skills and preparation,” Loricco said.  

According to Loricco, the self-defense classes have been well-received by the campus community. 

“It was very different and exciting,” said Heather Lesinski, a senior elementary education major. “The instructor was very informative and educated about self defense.”

 Lesinski commended Loricco and SGA for hosting the self defense class series. 

“Self-defense is great for anyone to know, college student or not,” she said. “It is something that could potentially save your life. I look forward to the next [class].” 

The next self-defense class will be held on April 23 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the SRC’s Aerobics Room. 

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